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The Lesson of a Vegetable Platter

After watching the Jamie Oliver show “Food Revolution,” I have made some pretty significant changes in my own life and how my family eats. Even though I’ve lost my weight since having my surgery, eating vegetables and fruits were a “have to” eat in order to maintain my weight.  I enjoyed salads (lettuce) and a very limited select few vegetables.  Fruits were one of those things that when  I dieted I ate to substitute for cookies, cake, donuts and pies.  In that comparison, fruit never came close to a Snickers bar.

Produce has changed from a “have to” now to a “want to.”  My body is much happier when I eat veggies and fruit.  There is no Krispy Kreme more delicious than a big, naturally sweet strawberry.  Instead of focusing on the caloric content and talking myself into eating them but not enjoying them, I look for recipes that incorporate produce rather than omit them.

Okay, get this – my family went on a drive this weekend.  We stopped in a little grocery store to get some munchies.  Instead of the usual junky crap fare, we bought a vegetable platter and shared it.  It was awesome!!  Another bonus… added bonus is being a role model for my sons.  Seeking and eating for health rather than as a recreational activity.

I’ve had a real switch in my mindset.  At 9 years post-op, I’ve finally developed a love of fresh product.  Not because of the caloric bargain they are but how they make my body feel.  When I compare the way I feel after eating something not-so-healthy to a piece of fruit or some veggies, there is NO comparison.  It is another way that I nurture myself too.  Doing good things for my body makes me feel happy knowing I am taking care of myself.

Who would have thought all of this from a television show and a fresh veggie platter from a country store?

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