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5 Ways to NOT Lose Weight

We are on a quest to lose weight.  Like you, I’ve tried countless healthy and unhealthy (also known as crazy) diets.  Some sure ways not to lose weight are:

Way #1:  Choose a fad diet.
There is a Magic Bullet but it is a speedy, small blender; not a fad diet.  There is no magic bullet found in a healthy diet. If you put in the time and effort your reward is weight loss and maintenance.

Way #2:  Don’t exercise.
According to the National Weight Control Registry, the exercise of choice is walking.  Be active!  Before you eat something that is not a healthy choice, thing….”what will it take to burn it off and is it worth it?”  You’ll either wear it or walk it off.

Way #3:  Diet alone.  You don’t need support.
Studies show you can lose twice as much when you have a support person to share your experience, share motivation and challenges.  Remember, there is strength in numbers….and in losing weight and obtaining support, the more the merrier.

Way #4:  Pile on the extras.
Start with a healthy salad but when piled like a skyscraper with cheese, avocado, thick salad dressing, the salad becomes a foundation to support the high caloric food choices.   Have a salad and use dressing and condiments as a compliment for extra flavor rather than piling on the condiments and slather on the dressing and throw in a little bit of salad….NOT.

Way #5:  Deprive yourself.
Incorporate some foods you enjoy.  Follow the guideline of 90% of the time you make healthy food choices/10% fun foods for you.  Alternatively, six days of the week, make healthy food choices and one day a week enjoy more of relaxed food choices.  Think long term and not just the immediate as far as weight loss.  We didn’t gain it overnight and it will take time well invested in losing it too.  If you feel restricted, the opposite of that is a binge.  Either extreme is not healthy nor promote weight loss.  Yo-yo dieting is caused due to extreme restriction followed up with a binge (or two or three…).

Rather than have tunnel vision and try to lose excess weight rapidly and deprive yourself, expand your vision and look at this as a lifestyle change.  Remember, one choice, one meal or even one day does not make or break a diet.  However, long term, the success is in the choices you make.

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, Certified Life Coach
Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

1 Comment

  1. Way #6 – Skip workouts. Once you start working out…that is great. But you can’t stop, and you can’t skip workouts.

    “Plan to stick to the plan”

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