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Think Activity as Your Movement of Choice

To many of us, exercise has a connotation of torture, pain, something to avoid yet have to do.  If you can’t redefine exercise to make it different for you, think activity.  Activity can include exercise but doesn’t necessarily have to.  Activity can be taking every opportunity you can, making every activity that you can to burn calories and move your body.

The key to activity is to do it daily and consistently.  If you include activity all throughout your day, it adds up and counts to boost your metabolism, raise your self-esteem and confidence, plus aid your weight loss.

Here are five everyday activities that can burn calories.

Walking is the perfect activity.  No special, expensive equipment, no fees or charges incurred, you can do it anytime and anywhere you’d like.  Save gas and walk.  Walk everywhere you can. Park as far as you can from any place you need to go. Walk the kids to school, to the library, to the grocery store. Walk and talk on the phone to friends and family. Walking is my favorite activity.  My family’s annual tradition to celebrate Mother’s Day used to be to a fancy all-you-can-eat buffet.  Since having surgery, it is to take a long walk or hike together as a family.

Climb every step you can. Climbing up stairs is a great calorie burner and will tone up your legs as well. Pretend the elevator or escalator everywhere you go and take the stairs.  If you can do it safely, try climbing two stairs at a time. Ignore the equipment doing the activity such as elevators, people-mover or escalators and do the climbing yourself.

Clean your house like you are an Olympic athlete. Vacuuming with intensity can work wonders for those arms and shoulders. Work in a set of lunges each time you have to move from one room to the next. Dance in between rooms to keep the momentum going.  Play some music while you clean house and make it an aerobic activity plus it’ll get your house cleaned every deeper.

4. SHOP:
Shop until you are ready to drop. Most grocery stores and malls these days are huge. In between each store in which you browse you must walk at least 500 steps or one full lap of the mall before you enter the next store. If its cold outside, many malls open up early in the morning just for walkers. Even if you don’t have money to spend, walk the mall.  In cold, heat and humidity, in-door malls are a great place to walk.  Meet friends and walk the mall.

Dance! Go out dancing with friends or join a dance class. You’ll enjoy yourself and burn calories at the same time.  Ever notice how many of the celebrities in “Dancing With the Stars” television show lose weight?  Whether you’re on the dance floor in front of millions or in the privacy of your own home – dance, dance, dance!

You don’t necessarily think of walking, climbing, cleaning, shopping and dancing as aerobic activities but they can be and are.  If the gym isn’t from you or you need a change of pace, give these activities a try.  If you increase the intensity or the duration of the physical part of your everyday activities you can make every calorie count!

Walk, climb, clean, shop and dance to your heart’s desire!

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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