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Are You Eating Over What’s Eating You?

Have you ever found yourself standing at the refrigerator or kitchen cabinets searching?  You aren’t hungry yet frantically searching for something?  What is that something?  What are you searching for?   What you are searching for isn’t contained in the kitchen.  Rather than look inside your kitchen, look inside of yourself.

Many times when we find ourselves searching for just the right thing to eat to satisfy that longing, we are looking for something to fill ourselves.  Food won’t satisfy that longing but we can.  Check in with yourself to see what you need.  Are you bored?  Are you angry?  Are you sad?  Do you feel anxious and don’t know why?  Are you frustrated and feel helpless as to what to do?  Food can be the one size fits all fix for feelings, emotions, and situations we feel out of our control.

The next time you are searching for something to eat to fill that longing you feel, ask yourself “What do I need right now?”  Your first thought might be a response that involves food.  Keep asking yourself what you need until you find the answer that will truly fulfill that need.  The real answer you are looking for doesn’t involve food.  The real answer lies inside of you and not inside your kitchen. 

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