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Are You Missing Out?

In a recent session with a client, he told me whenever he was faced with wanting to eat something that he knew was not a healthy food choice,  he usually ate it anyway so he wouldn’t “miss out.”   He made the decision to eat the item so he wouldn’t feel deprived and miss out on the enjoyment of eating it.

To lose weight and maintain, we focus our lives in a way that WE control our food rather than food controlling us.  Food controls us when we make choices we know we will regret or are not in our best interests.  If we change our view of “missing out,” we do not miss out at all in the ways that are important.  Not at all!  Yes, we may miss out on some temporary, fleeting pleasure of eating a food item.  The longer lasting pleasure of saying “no” to an item or binge is to be an adult in making a wise food choice rather than feed the temper tantrum child in us that wants the item “now.”  We don’t miss out on the activities that we would if we feel badly about ourselves and our body, miss out by isolating, and miss out on our life. 

When you make the choice to “miss out” on a tempting food item, you choose to live a fuller, happier life in a body that works efficiently for you that you are proud of.

The next time you don’t want to miss out on a food item, remember the things in your life that you would miss being overweight and feeling badly about yourself.  Instead, be proud and make the choice NOT to miss your life.

Believe In Yourself,

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