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Are You Sure Health Foods Are All Healthy?

Because a food item is labeled as “health food” or “healthy” does that make it so?  One of my clients was at a plateau for a number of weeks and was getting progressively frustrated.  After working as her weight loss coach, we discussed the consumption of “health food” and misleading labeling.

An item that is fat free doesn’t mean free.  Consider the ratio between total calories, grams of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and sugars.  Also, make sure of the serving size in the container.  Multiply the nutritional values in the container by the number of servings.  My client was shocked at the information on some of her favorite healthy foods.  In losing and maintaining weight, it is important to be your own nutrition detective.

My client loved yogurt covered raisins and consumed them almost every day since they were so “healthy” and good for her.  One cup of her yogurt covered raisins contained 735 calories and 15 grams of fat!  As a healthy alternative, she switched to a quarter cup of plain raisins and one cup of vanilla fat free yogurt.  With this simple substitution, she consumed one-third of the calories and felt much more satisfied with this healthy snack.

Many of us believe yogurt, pretzels, peanuts, and raisins are healthy so why not combine for a winning, yummy snack combination?  Check these combos:

1) 1 cup yogurt covered peanuts: 921 calories, 63 grams fat
2) 1 cup yogurt covered raisins: 7350 calories, 15 grams fat
3) 1 cup chocolate covered raisins: 741 calories, 28 grams fat
4) 1 cup yogurt covered pretzels: 392 calories, 14 grams fat
5) 1 cup trail mix: 707 calories, 47 grams fat

Check your food choices thoroughly to make sure they contain what YOU think they should.  Don’t rely on labels – rely on your own good, healthy judgment and decision-making.

Believe In Yourself,

1 Comment

  1. When I first read this, I thought… “I’d NEVER eat a whole CUP of any of those “treats”.

    Then I started thinking…. While I’d never eat a whole CUP of any of those in one sitting, I definitely could “snack” my way through the day to consuming a cup. (A couple here, a couple there. I’m sure I’d reach a cup and beyond as long as I didn’t keep track or think about it.)

    You’re right… if I sat down (key word: SAT) and ate a cup of yogurt and a 1/4 cup of raisins I’d feel like I had a mini meal! However, I could easily “snack” my way through a cup of yogurt covered peanuts during the course of a day and not realized (or thoroughly enjoyed) almost 1000 calories!

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