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You’re The Boss of You

It is such an unpredictable time of uncertainty.  Jobs lost or in jeopardy, financial difficulties and worries about the economy.  These things are certainly out of our control.  Do you know what you can control that is of the utmost importance – you.  You control what you eat, what you put into your body and what you do with your body.

When things seem out of control in your life, remember that you are the boss of you.  You have the control or power as to you.  You make many choices throughout your day.  Choose healthy food options or unhealthy choices.  You also control what you put into your body by drinking 64 ounces of water each day and to take your high quality vitamins daily.  Exercise and activity in moving your body is controlling what you do with your body.  Sitting on the recliner watching television all day or getting up and taking a walk or working out.  No one makes those choices for you.  You’re the CEO of your life.

If you’re needing some help to form healthy habits, the best advice I can give it to quote Nike and “Just Do It.”  It takes three weeks (merely 21 days) to develop a habit.  Take one habit that you’d like to ditch and replace it with another habit.  If you forget your vitamins and want to change that habit, get a daily vitamin holder and put your vitamins for the week in it.  Keep your vitamin holder next to your computer or anywhere that you will regularly see them.

If you want to stop drinking with meals, put all liquids away while you eat.  The temptation or habit to drink is gone.  If there’s nothing to drink in front of you, you won’t drink.  Get your beverage out again 30 minutes after you’ve eaten.  Do this for 3 weeks and you’ll have the habit of not drinking with your meals.

Do you want to find the motivation to exercise?  Try different activities.  Try something new.  Get an exercise dvd that sounds fun.  Get a friend to exercise with you for the companionship and accountability.  Think of exercise as play and a “get to” rather than the drudgery of a “have to.”  If you consider exercise in a playful way, you’ll change your mindset and motivation.  You don’t see the “have to” when it comes to play for kids.  Be just like a kid and have fun, play when you exercise.

Do you graze in between meals?  Commit to logging in EVERYTHING that goes into your mouth.  Even that one M&M as you walk by someone’s desk.  If you have to log it in your food journal, see it in print, you will apt to think twice before you graze.  Remove those grazing goodies from your environment at work, in your car and in your home.

Be the best boss to yourself you can be by staying in charge and control of what you do.  The stock market goes up and down.  Taking care of yourself is the best investment of all.

Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track

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