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Cash for Candy

Happy Halloween to my clients and subscribers!  Here’s a Happy Halloween tip for you and your children:

When your children come home with their packed trick-or-treat bags filled with those brightly wrapped sugar bombs, try something new.  Allow them to pick out a few (very few) of their favorites for themselves.  For the rest of the candy, you don’t need it around the house and they don’t need the sugar, fat, and empty nutrition/calorie laden packages. 

Start a new health program in your house of Cash for Candy.  Offer to buy your children’s Halloween candy from them.  You can price it by piece, by the brand or by the pound.  However you want to implement your Cash for Candy make it fun.  Your children will be able to turn around and purchase something for themselves they want. 

After you’ve made your candy purchases from your children – get rid of it.  Bye-bye.  You’ll feel great by giving your children something of true value, and getting rid of it and giving yourself the gift of no additional calories, sugar, fat, or compromise of health.  Now, that’s definitely a Happy Halloween!!

All the best,

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