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Challenges In Your Rear View Mirror as Success

I was coaching a client on a weight regain that she is frustrated and upset over.  It is a big challenge to her, just as it was for me when I was where she was.

Certain when the challenge is in front of you, it looks huge, difficult, overwhelming and seems impossible to overcome.  Yet when the same challenge is behind you as a success, you feel awesome and happy that you took it on.

Are there challenges looking at you square in your face?  A challenge that might seem insurmountable?  Challenges are not nearly so difficult as they seem at first.  Once you get past them, they don’t seem all that difficult at all.  In overcoming your challenges that stand in your way as obstacles, you learn, you improve, you grow, you become more confident and you become stronger inside yourself.

Many times we want to obtain weight loss success in an unrealistic period of time.  Once we’ve made the decision to undertake, for example, losing weight, we want it off NOW!  We become impatient with the rate of loss or plateaus and can stay stuck in the rut of wanting to lose weight rather than active in the process of losing weight and reaching your success.  Does this mean you are destined to stay stuck?  No, not at all.  It means for you to take assessment of what your challenges have been in the past in your attempts to lose weight, make a plan to face and overcome those challenges and move ahead to your desired success.

As you think of your challenge right now, imagine that you are there, on the other side of the challenge and you are looking at it in your rear view mirror.  It is an obstacle that you have overcome.  You are already past the challenge, stronger and more experienced.  You will have achieved something of value and, perhaps more importantly, put yourself in a position to take on even greater, even more rewarding challenges in a more confident way.

So jump in right now and begin to work your way through the challenges that confront you. You know you’ll get through them, to discover great new value on the other side.

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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