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Cloudy or Clear?

Have you ever noticed how different your mind and thinking are when you’re on track with your eating and exercise?  I sure have.  I went through a few days of making some unhealthy food choices.  Nothing major but choices that were less than great.  When I’m in the throes of unhealthy choices and focused more on eating than me and my day, my thinking is cloudy.  I’m thinking about what I just ate, what I will eat, planning, guilt, shame, remorse, etc.  Not much room in my mind for anything but food thoughts.

When I am back on track with my food choices, activity level and doing what I need to do for my well-being, I feel so much better.  My thinking is clearer and I’m more present with what I am doing and being with my family.  I am in the right here and now versus the damage I just did/damage I’m planning to do in my food choices.

Food has a tremendous pull.  Actually, it isn’t the food itself but the emotions and physical influence when you choose to eat.  I use food as a catch all phrase.  The term “food” means much more than the mere food to me.  It means my physical well-being.  “Food” is the difference from feeling physically strong and grounded internally or being tired to the point of fatigue to sleep off food choices sometimes.  “Food” also means to me the choices that I make.  Do I eat a cookie or do I eat a ripe, juicy, sweet piece of fruit?  When I make the healthy food choices, I feel substantially better.  My definition of “food” also means if I feel in control or if food controls me.

The biggest difference for me in being on track is my mind.  I want to do things rather than be the equivalent of another layer of cushioning on my couch.  It means that I’m more patient with my sons.  It means that I stop and take in the small joys of my day such as looking at my sons when they don’t know I’m watching them, enjoying a beautiful big red male cardinal sitting at my bird feeder or feeling responsible and in control of whatever comes my way.  I feel more confident and capable when I’m in the driver’s seat rather in the back seat with my food issues at the wheel.

With all these positive aspects I’ve listed, one might wonder why I wouldn’t want that feeling all the time.  I do!  Life happens and emotions happen to.  Sometimes they are so uncomfortable and my anxiety can feel so unmanageable that food can calm the stormy seas of a situation.  For me, it is riding out the storm and staying in control knowing that calm seas, a rainbow and a lighthouse shining even brighter than ever are just around the corner.

I love lighthouses.  I never knew why and never talked about it with anyone because it didn’t make sense.  Growing up around lakes, I’ve never been a beach or sea person.  Yet, I felt this incredible pull toward lighthouses.  Now, I understand that lighthouses are a reflection into what I feel about myself.  A lighthouse stands high, shining brightly no matter how bad the storm may be.  A lighthouse represents all the things that I feel are true for me and that I want in my life.

Become aware of the differences in how you feel when you are on track with your food, exercise and healthy mindset and thinking and how you feel when you are under the influence of unhealthy food choices and behaviors.  I think you’ll find too that you are a lighthouse yourself.  Let your light shine bright and know that your storm will pass with you standing strong.

Believe In Yourself,

Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back In Track Facilitator
Bariatric University Bariatric Coach/Instructor

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