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Commercials as Opportunity

As we are watching our favorite television shows, the commercials can be annoying.  There are so many and they seem to last forever.  Rather than sit there bored or, worse, go to the kitchen as a time filler, make good use of commercials.  When a commercial comes on, get up and move instead!

Here’s a few suggestions:

* Get up/down:  Lower yourself gently to the floor and lie on your back.  Stand up.  Repeat slowly and then quickly.  Practice until you can do 15 in a row.  Make it fun and invite your kids and spouse to join you.

* Up/Down:  Stand up for a count of three, swing your arm around like a propeller and then sit back down.  Do 20 in a row more rapid than the previous one.

* One-Two Punch:  For a great work out of your upper body muscles and trimmer waistline – bend your knees slightly.  Visualize a punching bag in front of you.  Punch it with one hand at a time increasing your pace.  Try overhead punches which work the back of your arms, waiste and calves.  Clinch your fist, stand erect and punch your right arm overhead, pretending you are trying to hit the ceiling.  Rise up on your toes as you go.  Drop the opposite elbox down as low as you can alternating arms.  Do these rapidly.

All this during a commercial.  Who says commercials are boring?

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, Certified Life Coach
Weight Loss Surgery Coach

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