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Do you FLY? As in Fully Loving Yourself?

I have an inactive domain that is Fully Loving Yourself, i.e. FLY.  I love FLY.  First off, I am a FAA licensed pilot.  Some of my most treasured are memories of my flight training, flying family and friends to awesome places, and the absolute thrill of going down the runway at full throttle.  Talk about feeling empowered, going down the runway at full throttle does that!

Walter Raleigh expressed that, “The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul.”

What is FLY?

FLY has come to mean much more to me than aviation.  I’ve spent a great amount of my life learning to Fully Loving Yourself (okay, Myself but FLM doesn’t fit the bill that FLY does!).  For the majority of my life, I have struggled with the concept of loving myself.  I focused on all of the things I wasn’t than the things I am.  I have turned myself inside out trying to conform to a person that I wasn’t.  I do not come from a family that was accepting and loving.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had to parent myself.  Not only parent myself but “un-parent” the unhealthy perception and messages that I received as a child.  I’ve spent a lot of years denying and rejecting the special qualities that make me who I am.  It has been within the past few years that I have come to truly accept those qualities.  Actually, not only accept those qualities but also embrace them.

This FLY Living means Fully Loving Yourself / Myself as I am living my life.  My own life with all the ups/downs, ins/outs, insights, awarenesses, detours and gifts of being who I am and my strong personal goal to live my very best life.  It is also Fully Loving Myself as I am a wife, mom (2 sons), friend, employee, professional, and all the other roles as I FLY my way through living my life.

How do you FLY?

Every single day, I write a FLY that I want to remember.  Sometimes it is my dog sleeping on my lap, something one of my sons does or says, family times, an interaction or conversation with my hubby, a heart-to-heart with a true friend, or just anything throughout my day that makes me stop, pause and realize that it is a moment… a photo or video I’ve taken by my heart, that I want to remember.  It can also be beating a challenge thrown at me or using my voice in a situation or with a person that tries to squash my voice and me as a person.

My daily FLY list could be your gratitude journal or list, it could be a photo collage….anything that is meaningful to you.  This weekend we stopped at a little bodunk shop out of the way place we found.  They had a blue trashcan that has a beautiful image of a butterfly that says “You Are Free to FLY.”  Of course, I bought it and I have it right here by me so I can always remember that I FLY, and you do too.  How do you FLY?

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  1. Thank you. Your article helped me think of ways that I should appreciate myself more.

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