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Don’t Have Time For A Full Workout?

Are you finding it difficult to squeeze in your regular exercise routine?  When it comes to exercise, any bit of activity and movement counts!  Check out these different ways to combine holiday festivities and movement:

*Take a walk in the mall before shopping for holiday gifts.  After you’ve shopped and have bags that provide extra weight, walk another couple of mall laps.  Aerobic and weight resistance (depending on how much you’ve purchased!!) done with holiday shopping are a winning combination.  You could also go to the mall before it opens to walk 30 minutes before you start shopping.

*Dance at your holiday party.  You’ll have more fun while getting great aerobic benefits.

*Many find it difficult to keep from taste testing their holiday baking.   Try this – rather than indulging, touch your toes, do jumping jacks, or windmill stretch and twists during baking time.  Avoid the extra calories and include movement as a substitute – that’s a winning combo.

*Do jumping jacks while the cookies bake instead of just sitting around and waiting for them.

*Meet family and friends to walk the neighborhood to see the holiday lights and decorations.  You’ll enjoy the company of your family and friends, avoid the lines of cars, and have the fun of the close-up views of the displays along with a winter walk.

Remember…exercise, activity, and movement add up so the pounds don’t! 

Believe In Yourself,

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