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Know What You’re Eating Despite the Labels

For my regular readers and subscribers, you know that I’ve written about my past pre-op love affair with Krispy Kremes.  They now have created a new chiller.  Ah…that sounds so refreshing.  In summer, what sounds better than a chiller.  Plus, it is Krispy Kreme’s Oranges & Kreme Chiller.  Oranges are healthy and chillers are refreshing.  Perfect healthy combination, right?  Sounds like a very healthy refreshing alternative.  Great alternative to orange juice to start your day, right.  Right up there on the nutrition track with their fried dough rings with sugary frosting dripping all over.

For a small (no, not even a medium but a small sized chiller), you’ll pack on 630 calories, 28 grams of fat, get this one – 92 grams of carbs.  That’s more grams of carbohydrates than I eat in a day!  Even if you ate two of their original glazed doughnuts, you’d consume far fewer calories.

From a post earlier this month with a cheeseburger on a Krispy Kreme as the bun and now this carb-laden sugar buzz for the day, Krispy Kreme must be trying to make their original glazed donut creations look like a healthy dream.

Think you can go down the street and get a healthy Jumba Juice.  Think again.  As a comparison to KK’s Oranges & Kreme Chiller (again, SMALL size), Jamba Juice’s Orange Dream Machine lacks the fat of KK but the original size will set you back 490 calories and a whopping 107 grams of carbs.  That’s 101 grams of sugar!

Just because something sounds healthy and uses deceptive marketing to suggest a healthy choice, do the research and check for yourself.  You are responsible for your choices and what you put into your body.  Consuming 101 grams of sugar before lunch even rolls around??  Be informed so you know what you are feeding your body.

There is an argument in this economy that to eat healthfully is too expensive.  There is a few cents extra for a healther choice possibly.  However, the expense is merely a few cents extra compared to the expense to your body and to your health, not to mention your emotional well-being.  If I consumed all those carbs and sugar grams, I’d gladly spend a few extra cents to avoid the effects of the sugar and extra weight I’d be wearing.  There’s monetary expense which is nothing compared to the health expense these marketing ploys play with your health.

It is with great pride and joy that I can now drive by a Krispy Kreme and no longer feel the pull to drive my car into their drive thru.  When KK keeps coming up with crazy ways to make us less healthy, they won’t see another penny from me.  Thanks to my healthy habits, I not only don’t crave a KK but they are now gross to me.

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach

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