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Eating Triggers

The talk in the media a few months ago is that Oprah has regained weight, Jessica Simpson has added a few pounds and other celebs fight the fight that the rest of us do with weight and food.  Celebrities are people too and struggle with the same challenges of life and emotions.  They get to see their struggles on the covers of magazines or on television.  Thankfully we don’t!!

Whether you are a celebrity with your own personal chef and personal trainer or like most of us that lives their life with all of the ups and downs, it all boils down to emotional eating triggers.  If you are struggling to lose or maintain your weight loss, do you know what your trigger is?

When we eat for non-hungry reasons, there is something behind that is driving that urge.  The trigger can be an unhappy relationship, family issues, unfulfilled job or career, financial distress or other reasons to cause you to abuse or misuse food.  The next time you are standing in front of the refrigerator or driving up to the drive thru, check in with yourself and ask a few important, key questions.

It is best to give thoughtful consideration by writing your answers on paper or on your online journal.  If you are “in the moment” of a food choice, answer them to yourself.  Later, write your answers down.  You’ll have a written reminder.

1.  What emotions am I feeling or situation that is uncomfortable to me?

2.  What are you really hungry for?

3.  Will you be happy with your food choice or regretful and unhappy with the choice you made?

4.  What in your life is not working?  If your life were as you’d like it, how would it be?

5.  What are the reasons you want to lose weight?

6.  What holds more importance to you – your desire to lose weight or your temporary desire to make an unhealthy food choice?

7.  Are you worth of feeling happy and proud of yourself?  Will this food choice reflect that worthiness?

In the moment, we want what we want when we want it as far as eating off track and making an unhealthy food choice.  If you will fast forward ahead to 30 minutes, a couple of hours or tomorrow, will you wish you could rewind time and not eat what you did?  When it comes to emotional eating, think ahead and not dwell in the moment of merely feeling temporarily better.

I was in the grocery store and saw a mom and a young child waiting in line.  The child wanted something and the mom was telling him that he couldn’t have it.  As you can imagine, the situation escalated to the point the child was very upset, angry, crying and screaming.  The mom held strong and did not give in to the moment of taking the easy way out to give the child the desired item and take the path of least resistance.

As I watched the situation unfold, it reminded me of myself at times.  I want a food item similar to the item the child wanted.  The urge can grow and grow to an intense level.  Now, I don’t cry and scream like a child, I can have the emotional overload internally that could equate to an adult temper tantrum (LOL).  The mom in the grocery store was a good example to her child.  The mom was a good example to me of when I have that internal battle going on to not give in to the path of least resistance and stay on track with my eating and exercise.

Focus on your triggers and what can drive you to eat.  Ask yourself those all-important valuable questions regularly so you can stay on track.  Remember the child and mom in the grocery store.  I’m sure the mom has no idea how much she helped the lady in the line behind her (me!).

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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