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Emotions Instead of Eating

Heading for the kitchen when you’re feeling angry, lonely, bored, or tired may be the reason you’re gaining weight or at a plateau.  Emotional eaters lose less weight and are more likely to gain it back than those that are situational eaters.  If you’re an emotional eater, create strategies to combat emotional eating to manage your feelings.

When you’re feeling angry, try a cardio workout, take a brisk walk, or kickboxing.  These “get up and go” exercises release endorphins that can boost your mood.

When you’re feeling lonely, reach out and call a friend to chat or send e-mails to friends and family.  People not food provide a fix for feeling lonely.

When you’re feeling tired, lay down and either take a nap or even close your eyes to rest.  Taking a nap and resting is much healthier and rejuvenating than emotionally eating. 

When you’re feeling bored, do something with your hands such as scrapbooking, needlework crafts, give yourself a manicure, or read a book.  Get busy doing something you enjoy to keep you mind on rather than in the kitchen.

Every emotion has a healthy remedy rather than emotionally eating.  Emotion management success is found in developing strategies personal to you.  One of the areas I work on with my weight loss clients is emotion management.  Create a checklist of things to do instead of eating.  It works!! 

Believe In Yourself,

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