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Exercise With A Buddy….Your Dog!

As many of my clients know, a few months ago we got a puppy for my sons.  As it usually works out, he has went from a puppy for my sons to my puppy.  He is my little shadow. 

Everywhere I go in the house, he is right on my heels.  Another benefit is that he loves to go outside.  He loves to go for walks.  Walking has been one of my favorite forms of activity but walking with Jake is a joy.  Watching him enjoy the walk, the activity, the wind in his face, and the little twigs, leaves and little treasures along the way that intrigue him is fun to share.

Walking with a buddy is great.  Walking and talking with a friend is a great way to be accountable and share the companionship of your walking companion.  As we all know, life can sometimes get in the way.  A walking friend can get busy, sick, and not be able to make it.  Your furry friend is always up for the joy of walking with you. 

We know that exercise is good for us.  It helps us maintain our weight loss, manage stress, sleep better, and increase our energy level.  The great thing is that activity gives the same benefits for our pets.  Not only will exercise help them live longer, but an active pet is also more alert and more content.  I can tell when Jake needs to go for a walk.  He has more energy, gets into things, more active, chews, and barks more.  He gets bored and needs his walk!  I get bored and I need my walk too!!  Who would have known that getting a puppy for my sons would benefit my activity routine!

If you don’t have a dog, borrow one from a friend or neighbor.  They will appreciate it and you’ll appreciate the health benefits too.  Unconditional love and a walking buddy in one furry friend.

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, Certified Life Coach
Weight Loss Surgery Coach

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