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What Do You Feed Yourself?

I spent a quality day kicking back with my family. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed being together. My heart was truly very full.  We didn’t go to Disneyland, Sea World, the beach for a fabulous get-away.  We were on our back porch hanging out talking and spending true quality time together.

So, that got me to thinking about how I need to continue that feeling each day.  Why is it that some days you feel completely in control and emotional eating is the furthest thing from your mind and other days you can’t get enough to eat?  How can I bottle the full feeling inside myself without the compulsively eating behavior.  I believe it comes from filling ourselves with things, the real deal things in life, that aren’t food.

At first, the question of “How do you feed yourself?” may seem like a silly question. As post-ops, we think in terms of grams of protein, carbs, and fat. As a weight loss surgery patient, of course it is important to pay attention to our nutritional needs. I certainly don’t mean to discount that importance.  When you read the question of how you feed yourself, did you immediately think in terms of food?  Rather than food-focused, think fulfilled-focused.

When we get beyond the food, what I mean by the question is how do you feed or nurture yourself? We feed our bodies but what about our heart, spirit and self-care. There are many ways to nurture ourselves.  Each way is personal and unique to us.

We wouldn’t go for an entire day without taking in nutrition for your body. We think, plan and prepare our meals and snacks throughout the day.  How often to you put in the same thought, planning and preparations for nurturing your heart and soul?  Never go an entire day without nurturing yourself in some way.  The small ways can be the most meaningful.  it doesn’t have to be big.  Usually self-nurturing is sitting outside in nature, watching your dog sleep, watching birds at a bird feeder, watching children play, reading an inspirational book, meditating or similar acts of nurturing meaningful to you. Make a commitment to yourself that every day you will do something special and nurturing. Feed yourself in body, heart and spirit.

I believe that if we paid more attention and focused on feeding ourselves emotionally that the dietary nutrition would come easier.  If you are fulfilled and “full” inside yourself, you wouldn’t turn to food to fill that dark, bottomless hole that is never full by food.

I think being a post-op success is about healthy habits including feeding ourselves in ALL ways.

Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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