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Get Back On Track – Make the Choice NOW

Are you waiting to get back on track?  There is no magic to New Year’s Day, “Monday,” “the first of the month” or some other arbitrary magic day of the week, number of the month or first of the year. The time to get back on track is now!  By living a healthy lifestyle, we give ourselves a new beginning EACH and EVERYDAY is a NEW DAY and a NEW BEGINNING and a NEW WAY to COMMIT.  In fact, we don’t have to wait for any other time than right here and right now to commit to being back on track.  Are you waiting to get back on track?  Take charge and get back on track NOW.  There’s no time like the present to take back control of your choices and your life.

Choose to get back on track:

We are our choices.  It is fairly simple, if we make consistently unhealthy choices and return to our old habits that made us unhealthy and overweight, we will become unhealthy and overweight.  Unhealthy as in regained weight and possible return of co-morbidities plus more.  If we compound an unhealthy choice with more unhealthy choices, we compound the problem.  BUT, if we make an unhealthy choice and then get right back on track with our next choice being healthy and compound that one healthy choice with another and another and another…..we stay healthy.  One single choice, even one day of unhealthy choices does not make us unhealthy or regain weight.  It is what we do consistently that determines health and healthy weight.  Back on track is NOW.

Okay, so you made an unhealthy food choice or have had a day (or days).  So what, big deal!  With your next food choice, get right back on track by making a healthy choice.  Once you’ve done that, you are back on track and creating a wave of momentum by making healthy choices one after another.  We can’t change what we ate before but we CAN change what we eat right now.  You are not what you ate in the past but you are what you eat today, right now and in the future.  One slip up doesn’t define our weight loss success.  Our choices that we make right now and in the future are under our control.  Don’t focus on what you did (in the past), focus on what you are doing now and commit to those future choices and, to quote Nike, “Just Do It!”

What we’re doing by the commitment to ourselves to live a healthy lifestyle is a way of life and not just a short term solution to losing weight.  Ask yourself where do you want to be this time next year?  The choices you make right now matter and create your tomorrow’s.  To get back on track, there is no “tomorrow” – it is right now.  Make the choice to be back on track NOW.

So……let’s JUST DO IT together!  


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