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Girl Scout Cookies: Moderation??

I love Girl Scout cookies.  They are also one of the most unhealthy food choices.  One cookie is packed with more fat, carbs and sugar than multiple brands of other cookies.  Of course – that’s why I like them. 

I’ve bought them in the past.  Actually, before my surgery, I generously supported the Girl Scouts by buying many boxes.  Many times, I would be the customer that bought the most on the order sheet.  I even bought them after I had my surgery thinking I could just eat one.  LOL x 100!

I’ve finally learned that, for me, Girl Scout cookies and moderation do not exist.  I’ve tried moderation.  I put them in the freezer – frozen Girl Scout cookies are still delicious!  I even put them in the trunk of my car.  I found myself driving home after a rough day at work on the side of the busiest freeway in Southern California with an open trunk getting a box as cars sped by me at top speeds!!  So, I’ve given moderation with Girl Scout cookies the good try.  There are some food choices that moderation is lost on me.

No Girl Scout cookies for me.  I still support Girl Scouts but the cookies are given away.  This may sound limiting or restrictive to some.  It isn’t to me.  Knowing myself, really knowing myself without the excuses of they are for my family, or I’ll try it again or any other rationalizations is very freeing to me.  First off, I’m not depriving my family.  Girl Scout cookies aren’t exactly nutritional food.  They eat dessert type items, even cookies.  Knowing and acknowledging my triggers empowers me.  I admit that certain food choices are like kryptonite is to Superman.  Superman didn’t mess around with kryptonite thinking he could handle it.  He knew it weakened him and I know certain foods weaken me.  I am weakened physically and, most importantly to me, emotionally and mentally. 

I think much clearer, am more positive and happier when I eat healthy and indulge in “treat” types of foods that I can handle in moderation.  Girl Scout cookies, as many other food choices, are a temporary, fleeting indulgence but the effects are long lasting to me physically, emotionally and mentally.  I choose to be at my best and Girl Scout cookies don’t do that for me and thus are not worth it.

What is your kryptonite?

Believe In Yourself,
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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