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Happy Valentine’s Day….to You!

Many of us find it easier to love others and do for them than to love and do for ourselves.  We may think that if we love ourselves, we are conceited, egocentric, or selfish.  Ot, maybe while growing up we received messages, both overt and covert, that we were not loveable. 

Perhaps we can love others only to the extent that we love ourselves.  Maybe we can give to others only that which we can give to ourselves.  We cannot share water from a bone dry well.

Perhaps the most unselfish and loving thing we can do for others is to first love and accept ourselves unconditionally.  This kind of selfishness can be a virtue.  Think of something wonderful that you can do for yourself.  Watch a favorite dvd, take a bubble bath with candles, hike to a special place, get a massage, cook your favorite meal just for yourself, look at an old photo album, take a vacation, or get a babysitter so you can spend an evening getting away from the kids. 

Think of something you would truly enjoy.  Now…do it!  Remind yourself that you deserve this gift from yourself this Valentine’s Day and EVERY DAY.

Believe In Yourself,

1 Comment

  1. You have a nice Valentine Day.., jimmy

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