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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Once we’ve made the decision to have weight loss surgery, or have had weight loss surgery, we want to lose our excess weight NOW.  With the many clients I’ve coached, this is one of the most common concerns all of have.  Remember, you didn’t gain the excess weight in a week or a month, and it will take some time to lose it.  As we make healthy lifestyle changes, we want the scale to reflect our big changes and big efforts.  Patience is sometimes hard to find when it comes to losing weight.

Determination, consistency, and persistence are what is necessary for the long-haul in losing weight.  Don’t be a slave to the scale.  Look at all of the other indicators of your weight loss success.  Are you wearing a smaller size?  Do you feel better in being able to control your food rather than food controlling you?  Are you able to do things that you couldn’t do before losing weight?  The scale doesn’t show those successes but they are equal, if not more, important than the number on the scale.

This isn’t a diet.  The healthy changes you are making today will pay off in weight loss and maintenance.  Yes, the pounds are here today; keep practicing your healthy habits and it will definitely be gone tomorrow….and permanently!

Believe In Yourself,

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