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Highs and Lows = Learning to Surf Those Waves

Today is a funky day.  I don’t know why but it is.  I just feel low and down.  Yesterday was a good day so go figure!  There isn’t a particular reason but it just is.  I could go through all sorts of possibilities – didn’t sleep good last night, had a disturbing dream, cloudy/windy/cold outside, blah – blah – blah.  Who knows?!

What is different for me is that I’m not going to eat over it.  In the past (sometimes even post-op, shhhh!), I have turned to emotional eating to change the way I feel.  From my addiction coaching course and studying addictions, that is one of the reasons people turn to abuse a substance, whether it is drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, gambling, etc., etc., is to change how they feel.  Sure, it worked for me for a number of years but as is true for any addiction, it turned on me and became the problem.

To break those long-serving connections between uncomfortable emotion or situation > emotional eating > feel better/different, I have turned to other things.  Sometimes they work; sometimes they don’t.  However, I REFUSE to emotionally eat.  Emotions come and go, situations come and go but the damage emotional eating causes, not just weight gain, but to how I feel about myself, my self-esteem, my confidence are much to precious to compromise.  One of the things I am doing is to blog about it here.  I’m feeling better already just by getting it out, be open and honest, and honoring myself doing something healthy and non-food.  The answer is never, ever found in a cookie, bag of chips, refrigerator or kitchen – the answer is in me and all of us.  It isn’t about “willpower” but more about “won’t power.”  I won’t do things that are hurtful or harmful to others and that includes me!

Most of the time I’m pretty good at being able to identify what is going on with me.  Whether it is an emotion, situation or person, the majority of the time I can identify what it is and deal with it healthfully.  Today, no clue.  Rather than deny, ignore or pretend – I am being honest and acknowledging what is true for me…..for today, right now.  In a few minutes from now, everything could change and I’ll feel different.  Either way, high day or low day, food is not the way to get through or cope.  I’m more than that (and YOU are too!).

Believe In Yourself,
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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