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Hobby, Half-Time or Full-Time?

Is losing weight a hobby, part-time or a full-time commitment to you?  Is losing weight for you a wish without any action?

Yes, I’m questioning your commitment just as I question my own.  I question and check in with myself daily as to the level of my commitment to losing weight, maintaining my weight, and the choices I need to make.  Sometimes we talk the talk but we treat it as though we wished we could lose weight.  A wish is when you throw a penny into a fountain, shut your eyes and make a wish.  Talking and wishing are fun but they generally don’t produce results.  Action is what will produce results that you want.

Are your weight loss efforts a hobby?  Hobbies are fun and nice but we usually put them away until we have the time and motivation to do them.  We think about them, wish we had more time to devote to our hobby, and it is nice to know that hobby is there for us.  I love to scrapbook.  I love photography so it makes sense that I would love to scrapbook.  It is one of my favorite hobbies.  However, I don’t have a lot of time to spend scrapbooking.  Other friends that I have scrapbook many days each week.  I have boxes of photos, even more boxes of scrapbooking supplies, and great interest and intentions to make meaningful scrapbooks for my family and their families.  However, right now, not much action going on there so they sit in boxes.

Are your weight loss efforts the same as my scrapbooking?  You know you want to do it, you need to do it, and it is out there in your thoughts.  You’ll get to your weight loss efforts when you have the time and motivation to do it.  Are your weight loss goals in boxes the same way as my scrapbooking boxes?!  Meanwhile, a hobby remains a hobby that doesn’t demand your attention, focus or action.

Have you stepped up your weight loss efforts to a half-time role?  When convenient, you most of the time make choices to lose weight.  If you wake up in a bad mood, or the day unfolds not going your way, do you stay on track?  Do you eat to take the edge off your bad mood and lessen the emotion from having a difficult day?  Another scenario is that you are making healthy choices, losing weight, and exercising regularly and something comes up.  A friend invites you to buffet lunch or you’re at a meeting and everyone is eating donuts so you indulge as well.  You have plans to exercise and a better offer is made by a friend asking you to go for coffee after work.  You blow off the exercise and hang out with your friend as this is a habit that you’ve been doing when the opportunity arises.

If any of the above sound familiar, then you might be a half-time or part-timer in your weight loss goals.  When it works out, you’ll following your dietary and exercise routine.  However, if something else comes along (similar to a slight breeze in the air), you’ll indulge and blow off your efforts to lose weight.  Are you half committed or part committed?  If so, you’re going to achieve the same level of results.  What you put out is what you get back.

Of course, the ultimate success is when you are committed full-time to your weight loss goals and rarely get derailed.  Sure, you aren’t perfect but more times than not, you don’t veer off your course from being on track.  You operate on the mindset that there are no outer circumstances that can pull you off course to reach your goals.  You remain true to yourself and your commitment to lose weight and become healthy.

If you are frustrated or disappointed with your progress in losing weight, ask yourself if you are approaching it at the level of a hobby, half time or part time when it works out and is convenient, or are you full on committed full-time, more times than not dedicated to making your weight loss goals a reality?  Check your level of commitment regularly even daily.  Being aware of your approach in losing weight is important.  You can’t live your weight loss dreams as a hobby and expect to reach your goal weight.  If you want weight loss success, become a full-time participant in your goals.

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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