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How’s Your Day?

Sometimes do you wake up and feel “off” or in a funk?  Do you label the entire day thinking that it is going to be one of THOSE days?  Last week, I did.  Then, I caught myself.  Whether I have a great day or one of THOSE days is up to me.  The type of day you’ll have doesn’t depend on someone else.  It is entirely up to you.

You have the power and control to determine your day.  Okay, yes, sometimes it is more difficult than others.  You are stronger than any external circumstances that can happen to you.  You are the boss of your life.  No other person, emotion or situation is more important or holds control over you.  Plus, emotions and situations pass.  What is important and empowering is what you do with them.  Do you turn to food to cope and take the edge off?  Do you sit with the uncomfortable feelings and situation and allow them to pass without the self-medication of emotional eating?

Today, make the decision to make it a day of loving yourself and those you care about.  Start off by doing something for yourself.  Enjoy a cup of coffee in your favorite chair, swing in your porch swing (my personal favorite), read a book, give yourself a great big hug or anything that is special to you.


Next, show someone in your life how much you love them.  You can tell anyone how much you love or treasure them.  Create an opportunity to tell the people in your life you love them, you’re thinking about them, and they are important to you.

I’m having a great day!  What about you?

Believe in Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Back on Track Facilitator

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