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I Haven’t Lost That Much Weight

I talked with a client last week that has “only” lost 30 pounds.  30 pounds?  I told him that was impressive but he was not as impressed as I was.  With his permission, I will share with you what we discussed.

Being overweight drains you of energy.  We live with an extra amount of weight by carrying it around 24/7 so we don’t recognize how draining it is.  I told my client to go to the grocery store and pick up bags of something that equal 30 pounds.  Carry that extra 30 pounds around the store as he shopped.  He wasn’t even half-way through his shopping before he felt fatigued and had to stop our experiment.  He returned the bags of 30 pounds to their shelf and continued shopping.  However, he noticed how much lighter he felt – both physically and emotionally – without his extra baggage. 

In our next call, I pointed out to him that not only did he feel fatigued, but his internal organs felt it as well.  Think how hard his heart had to work to support the extra weight.  With your energy drained by carrying around the excess weight, there’s also less available to you to work, play, and other life activities.

As a result, my client felt so much more energized by his “only” 30 pound weight loss.  He deeply appreciated and enjoyed the absence of every single one of those 30 pounds.  Way to go!

Believe In Yourself,

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