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Is Weight Loss Coaching For You?

I’ve been asked, why weight loss coaching?  Why not?

If you are like me, I tried every diet that came out, stapled my ear to stop my desire to overeat, every diet program, and tried them all again and again and again.  There were parts of diet programs that I liked and worked for me.  I always thought if I could create my own program that included the components that helped me plus have my own meeting one-on-one with my diet program leader, I could be successful.  I wanted a program created and designed special for me.  We are all different and unique, right?  Why not have a program of our own?  Unfortunately, this type of personalized program customized just for me didn’t exist.

All those years ago that I considered how great a program of my very own could be, here it is!   I am a weight loss coach.  I provide the exact service for my clients, and I can do the same with you.   What do you have to lose except excess weight?  A program of your own makes more sense than a staple in your ear.

In your mind, think of a videotape of your life as it is right now.  Now, visualize your life as you would like it to be?  If you could create your own life that includes your hopes, dreams, and allowing you to live out all of your possibilities and potential, that is what weight loss and life coaching is.  What are the differences in that gap between right now and as you’d like your life to be?  The differences in that gap are the goals and what we would focus on in your coaching.  Together, we will create a personalized program for you to achieve weight loss, weight maintenance, and design the lifethat you are meant to live and enjoy.

As your coach, I will stand for you.  I will hold your goals, hopes, dreams, beliefs, and aspects of your life in a sacred place of trust.  We will create a plan of action for you to attain the weight loss and life that you envision for yourself.  A coaching relationship is very special and unique.  I understand, I’ve been there and done that throughout almost my entire life.  Now, as your weight loss coach, I can help you lose weight and gain your life and health.

All the best,

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