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It’s Not In A Bag Of Chips…Walk Your Way To You

Are you feeling stressed?  Are things just not going the way you want?  Are you having a bad day?  Maybe you’re feeling impatient, anxious or frustrated.  For many of us, that’s enough to get our feet walking to the kitchen for a chill pill in the form of a less than heathy food choice that we’ll regret later.

Take a break.  Not forever, just long enough to take a walk to change your environment and clear your head.  Leave the house or office, leave the people who are causing your frustration, and be with yourself.  Allow yourself the time to change your perspective and more in control.

A short walk around the block, up/down the stairs, or get outside may be all you need to lose the negative feelings, to pull yourself together and decide how you want to react to the situation.  Sometimes you can’t pull yourself out of negative feelings or a situation while you’re in it.  You have to remove yourself from the situation and people that are involved. 

After the “Me Minutes” you’ve take, you’ll gain perspective, and clarity that will return the control back to you.  Which is where it belongs…the answer and strength is in you and not in a bag of potato chips!

Believe In Yourself,

It’s a good thing somebody invented shoes.

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