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Lemons Into Lemonade

All of us go through difficult times in our lives.  Recently, I went through a challenging period.  It is at especially tough times that I miss the escape that food can give.  A situation came up that I had no control over.  I felt as though I thought I was getting a Krispy Kreme donut but instead got a lemon.  Have you ever felt like you’ve got a life filled with lemons?  I sure did.  I decided to make lemonade from those lemons.  By making lemonade out of the situation, I decided to look for different recipes for lemonade.  In other words, I looked for an option, and then options within those options. 

There are some challenges that you can influence or control by making the best choice and taking action.  There are other situations that are completely out of your control.  Rather than get into the “poor me” or allow your anger to drive you to the refrigerator, know that ultimately, you have power over you.  You control you.  You may not be able to influence a situation but you control your reaction to it.  Have faith that whatever happens, you’ll have new opportunities available to you for personal growth.

You can do your best with those situations that are under your control.  You can adjust to those situations over which you don’t have influence or very little influence.    Accept whatever comes your way.  Commit yourself to finding the value in it, grow and learn from the lesson contained in the situation. 

Each day provides a new beginning.  Greet each new day with confidence and enthusiasm.  Whatever lemons land in your life, make lemonade and enjoy every drop!

Believe In Yourself,

1 Comment

  1. I’ve been harvesting lemons all WEEK. At this pace, if i can convert it ALL into lemonade, I’ll be Country Time’s biggest competitor in no time!!!

    Thanks for posting this and reminding me that all I can do is control my reaction to these insane situations… and one of those reactions is what food I put into my mouth.

    Maybe this “karma dump” is a result of all that Easter Candy… it’s on sale now you know. As a result, I can’t even go to the STORE because I know what I’ll do!!!

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