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Links I Love

These are links I love. No affiliate links, sharing because I believe in sharing things I find that I truly buy from and use myself and family. Don’t let the name fool you. Yes, they carry bariatric surgery friendly products but the products are healthy for anyone that eats healthy, wanting to lose weight, eat low-carb, and likes to save money. Bariatric Nutrition carries a range of healthy products. There are snacks, protein snacks, protein powders, and even inspirational bracelets which, of course, I love! I’ve bought lots of things from them, including bariatric vitamin patches, protein snacks, and the bundle of Syntrax Nectar Samples …super fast delivery plus 100% satisfaction guarantee. Highly recommend checking them out.  I first discovered No More Naked Popcorn (also known as Kernel Seasons) at a movie theater for popcorn. I am a huge fan and use it regularly. No, not on popcorn but on vegetables, cottage cheese, chicken, beef, and anything else that needs a boost of flavor. I love this stuff! My favorites are Ranch and Parmesan & Garlic. They are higher in sodium but they are minimal calories and fat. The sweet flavors (Carmel, Chocolate Marshmallow) contain sugar so I don’t use them.  I use DaVinci Gourmet Sugar-Free syrups and love them. I used to use the flavored creamers for my coffee and I was consuming more carbs in them that I ate each day! I like extra flavoring in my coffee so I started using these sugar-free syrups and they are wonderful. No calories, carbs or fat. They have regular and sugar free so make sure you get the sugar free version. I also use them in my protein drinks and they are a delicious addition. My favorite is my chocolate protein drink with sugar-free peanut butter syrup. It is a true treat for one of my daily planned snacks.  Jack Links has beef jerky, beef steak and beef nuggets that are easy to find at grocery stores. I like their Turkey Steak and I haven’t been able to find it in stores so I order it by phone. They come in either 1 ounce or 2-ounce packages. My new faves are Chicken Jerky with Papayas and their Prime Rib Jerky. I carry one in my purse for those times that come up that a healthy food choice isn’t available. With any of these options, I’m always prepared with a healthy snack choice. I also love Simply Snackin’ too, beef and chicken are my top faves.

[/tab] is a free service that provides tools to monitor and log your daily food and exercise.  It is a very comprehensive website to use for as a way to keep track of your nutritional intake and activity. I use Fitday and love it.

Coming Soon! This is a great site! Beautiful images with a question that can stop you in your tracks to think of the answer for yourself. Sign up to receive their emails and get one daily. I always look for this email from them in my in-box. Just from a simple question and an image (a picture is worth 1,000 words), very powerful motivation and insights. I love this website and want to share it with you. Create a nurturing part of your day by lighting a candle for yourself or a loved one. It is part of my daily routine. Success Songs are very motivating. They are on my iPod, on my computer, and on a CD in my car. They are uplifting and have messages of being empowered. The free download “It’s My Time” is one of my favorites and it is free!! If I’m feeling low on energy, I listen to one of these songs and I’m energized and feel great about myself. Bariatric Foodie (Nikki) is a site that has some great recipes, includes survival tips and more. Easy recipes that are WLS-friendly but you’d never know.  She is a successful post-op and has fantastic recipes, and writes very relevant on-point articles. Nikki also writes reviews which are real, informative and not sugar-coated or “politically correct” because she tells it like it is.  She also has some great cookbooks that I’m the proud owner of.  Nikki is down to earth and is a WLS’er’s friend for losing weight, losing weight regain and maintaining your weight loss with her recipes and insights into being a WLS’er. Highly recommend to be a frequent visitor to her blog and social media. Eggface (Shelly) is a successful post-op and a strong advocate within the WLS and obesity community. She has a blog that is fantastic. Shelly provides wonderful and easy recipes designed for healthy weight loss surgery diets. I am no Martha Stewart and I have used many of her recipes that are delicious. I highly recommend Shelly’s website as a blog you visit frequently for the latest and greatest recipes. Shelly shares a day in the life of her pouch which I really like. Her recipes are WLS-friendly but don’t taste that way at all. I regular make many of hers and my very picky eater son even loves them. Now, that’s an endorsement!! Great recipes for healthy foods yet delicious. Melting Mama (Beth) is another successful post-op and strong advocate within the WLS and obesity community. Beth blogs about issues relating to WLS, obesity, health issues and gives you the real deal without any fluff. Beth takes the guess work out of products and items for weight loss surgery patients. Melting Mama obtains products, tries them herself and provides reviews on them. From Melting Mama’s reviews, I have found some fabulous products that I use every day (Thanks Beth!). She has also taken the hit so I haven’t spent the money or calories in a product that isn’t worth the expense of either. Check out Melting Mama’s blog for the latest info in a genuine and real way (very refreshing!).


MaryJo Rapini, L.P.C. (Licensed Professional Counselor) and Psychotherapist. MaryJo is one of the clinical bariatric professionals on Discovery Health’s television series “Big Medicine.” MaryJo is a member of the ObesityHelp Mental Health Professional Advisory Board so I am fortunate enough to be able to work with her. The commitment and dedication, along with the amazing insight MaryJo has into weight loss surgery behavioral health is very special. Check out her websites and make sure you watch the show. It is a huge shot of inspiration to me every time I watch it. It is one of my favorites.

ObesityHelp is a one-size-fits-all for all things weight loss surgery. Whether you are looking for support, education or information, OH has it all. (Disclosure – I’m on staff with OH, although I loved OH already as a post-op.)

Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is a wonderful organization. I’ve been a member for years and recommend that you join too. The OAC was formed to be the voice of the individual affected by obesity, and the way that the OAC builds our voice is through membership. OAC membership is an essential component in the obesity fight. OAC members are active voices in issues impacting individuals affected by obesity. From helping to improve access to obesity treatments for the millions who need it, to fight the unfair bias and discrimination those affected face, with your help, the OAC’s voice can and will be heard! There is strength in numbers so join the OAC for only $20 to add your voice to make a difference.