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Listen Without The Brick Wall

I’m still sick.   I’ve not felt well the past few days and progressively felt worse.   I put things off until today thinking I’d feel better and get everything done from the week.  I’d also scheduled commitments for today as well.  I woke up this morning and felt worse than I have all week plus I didn’t have a voice.  No voice, barely a whisper.  To make matters worse, the important commitments I had involved speaking appointments.   I had planned a day full of things to do, however, my body had other plans.  My body won.

I spent today taking care of myself.  I had to step off the treadmill of my to do list and commitments, and allow the day to unfold without my participation and involvement.  I take my commitments quite seriously.  Once I make a commitment, rescheduling is a last resort for me.  Too bad that it took getting so sick that I had to lose my voice with a high fever, and forced to physically take care of myself today to get my attention. 

Next time I feel as though I’m getting sick, I won’t push myself.  I’ll listen to my body rather than my Calendar and Task list on Outlook.   Ever notice that sometimes it takes a brick wall falling in on you to get your attention?  Next time, I’ll heed the little pebbles.  No more brick walls for me!

All the best,

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