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Little Engine That Could

The childrens’ book “Little Engine That Could” or the “I Think I Can, I Think I Can” book is all about persistence.  Persistence is about keeping a promise or commitment that you’ve made and believe in yourself.  In the book, when the little engine was going up a very steep hill, the essence of the message he kept repeating was that he believed in himself.  Over and over again, he reinforced that belief through saying “I Think I can” until he made it to the top.  When he had arrived at the top, he reaffirmed that belief by knowing that he could make it. 

As we incorporate new habits into our life to lose weight, create your own saying…..use it as a default that you say to yourself when times get tough.  Some possibilities could be “I can do it” or “I choose _________” and, my favorite, “I believe in myself” because all of these affirmations are true.  How do I know they are true for you?  Because you wouldn’t embrace and use them if they weren’t.  There is something inside of you that makes the statement the one you say to yourself.  Use the story of the little engine to climb and overcome your own hill to the top because you can!

Believe In Yourself,

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