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Get Mad At The Fads

While standing in line at a grocery store, all of the losing weight and diet articles on every single magazine stood out and made me smile.  How many years I have spent (wasted?) trying to lose weight and keeping it off.  There was a time that I would have purchased most of those magazines in my life-long quest to lose weight and maintain it.

There is always the latest and greatest new fad diet.  Or, a fad diet of years ago will be regenerated as new and improved.  Each one promises dramatic results only to produce zero true, long-lasting results.  Yes, I did lose weight on various fad diets.  I’d lose 10, 20, 50 and even 100 pounds on certain fad diets.  Problem is that I’d gain it all back and then a bonus few additional ones to wear as a result of my fad diet efforts.

The National Health Institute reports that 95% of people that lose weight gain it back and additional pounds, some within a mere two years later.  With a fad diet, you are most certain to be in that 95% group.  It is a simple concept and one that until you understand it you will continue the cycle of yo-yo dieting.  To be in the fortunate 5% that lose weight and keep it you, you live your life by changing your lifestyle.  There are no shortcut fads that will take you and keep you at weight loss success.

Life on a fad diet include unreasonable low calorie restrictions which are harmful to your health that you are hoping to regain and improve.  Fad diets are created equal – cut calories and no or minimal exercise.  When you dramatically cut calories, you will see a rapid weight gain – in the beginning.  After that initial drop in weight, the weight plateaus or slowly comes off.  Life’s challenges and emotions continue and the fad dieter returns to the pre-fat diet eating habits and the yo-yo continues.

If this sounds dismal, it is if you are still on the hunt for a fad diet that will work long-term for permanent results.  However, if you are ready to ditch the fads and go for the real deal, there is an answer for you.  The answer?  You need to change your lifestyle.  If you want a healthy body, you need a healthy lifestyle.
What is a lifestyle change? To change your lifestyle means to replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones, and to do so with persistence and on a consistent basis.  It isn’t something you do for a week or two, only to revert back your old ways…..a lifestyle change redefines who you are.  Changing your lifestyle from one that is unhealthy to one that is healthy will be the best thing that you ever do for yourself.

Your body and even personal happiness is the direct result of your current lifestyle.  You change your lifestyle.  Most people who are unhappy with their bodies are usually holding on to a few bad habits. Once these destructive habits are identified and then replaced with healthy habits their body naturally transforms from one that they despise to one that they are proud of.

To get the body that you want simply determine your unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy ones. Here are the most common unhealthy habits:

  • The habit of inactivity. Failing to exercise on a consistent basis is one of the most destructive obstacles for your health and figure. (The key word here is consistent. If you aren’t exercising at least 3-4 times each week then you own this habit.)
  • The habit of overeating or emotionally overeating. Consuming calories in excess of your daily caloric needs is one of the main reasons that more adults are overweight today than ever before.
  • The habit of empty calories. Filling your diet with foods that hold little to no nutritional value is a great way to expand your waist. (Hint: if a food item is made up of mainly sugar consider it ’empty’ calories.)
  • The habit of procrastination. How many times have you promised yourself that you would start eating healthy and exercising tomorrow, next week, next month or next year?  Each day that you succumb to the habit of procrastination is a day that pulls you farther and farther from your goals.

You can lose weight and improve both your appearance and your health.
You can look and feel great.
You can feel confident and inner happiness.
You can transform yourself into the person that you’ve always wanted to be.

Don’t let another day go by that leaves you a slave to unhealthy habits. Take action now. It is the very best investment you’ll ever make – in you and your health!

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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