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Making a Decision: Heads or Tails?

Do you find it difficult to make a decision?  Are you afraid of making a mistake when you make a decision?  Would you like a crystal ball to know what the best decision is for you and your life? 

I don’t have a crystal ball but I use some questions as a strategy to assist in making the best decision that I can with the information I have.

Make a pros and cons list of all the factors and considerations involved in the situation.  After the pros/cons list, ask yourself the following questions to obtain a clearer picture of all aspects for your decision.

1.  What is my real objective?  Why must I decide?

2.  What is my deadline for the decision?  When must I decide?  

3.  Can I break the decision down into smaller parts?  Can I prioritize the pros/cons on my list?

4.  Will my decision be final or can I change my mind later if I want to?

5.  What risks are involved?  Are they worth it?

6.  Is there any new information that I need before I make my decision?

7.  Does my decision reflect my the priorities and values of my life? 

8.  When I project forward and play out all scenarios, which one feels right for me?

Deciding to decide is often the most difficult part.  Also, making the decision not to decide something at the current time is a decision you can make.  The pros/cons strategy and eight questions can help clarify your thoughts and actions so you can make the decision best for you, and take advantage of all the opportunities and possibilities that come your way.

Believe In Yourself,

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