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Momentary Pleasure or Long-Term Happiness and Confidence

When it comes to emotional overeating, in the moment, it seems like feeding that emotional eating urge is what you “need” or “must” do.  As we all know, it is a momentary pleasure but has long-term consequences.  The long-term effects are weight gain and the cycle of remorse, guilt, shame, and decreased confidence and self-esteem.  Ask yourself, “Is the extra weight and other side effects of emotional eating really worth that momentary pleasure of the quick fix?” 

Try this, carry around a 5 or 10 pound bag of an item.  Carry it around with you for a period of time and not merely lift it and put it back down.  Carry it around.  See how much physical energy it takes and the emotional toll if you had to carry it around all day long.  Feel the physical drain and emotional drain you experience.  That’s only 5 or 10 pounds.   Many of us have lost many times more than that.  The physical and emotional impact of excess weight is very significant.

The next time you find yourself headed for the kitchen, a convenience store or fast food drive-thru, consider the empty nutrition versus the high calories that you’ll be carrying around with you. 

Short-term pleasure = Long-term excess weight and accompanying cycle of emotional pain. 

Turn the formula into a winning success by remembering:

Avoid Short-Term Pleasure and Quick Fixes = Long-Term Happiness and Confidence! 

Now, that’s the formula for weight loss success and emotional well-being!  Place this formula in strategic places to help you remember.  Before you know it, that formula will cause you to let go of the heavy load on your body and emotions with each and every bit that you DON’T take!

You CAN do it!  You are WORTH it!

Believe In Yourself,

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