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Pay It Forward

Do you have people in your life that have went out of their way for you?  Has someone given you an opportunity that has made a difference in your life?  Has someone made an allowance for you to accomplish something you’ve wanted to do and because of their action it was possible?  I sure have.  Throughout my life and career, as I reflect back, I’ve had many of those people in my life.  Very recently, I’ve had another couple of people that have extended themselves in support of me and my dreams.  If you’re like me, you want to show your appreciation and gratitude but the words “thank you” don’t seem adequate enough.  My heart is so full because of the kind support that has been extended to me that has made a tremendous difference.

The best way to show your appreciation and to “repay” these special people is to do the same for others.  Pay it forward when you have the opportunity to do so yourself.  This creates a chain of kindness and a generousity of support to make that same difference for others that has been given to you.  Remember the “Random Acts of Kindness” gesture?  You can give a directed and specific act of kindness in the same spirit you received.

With deep appreciation,

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