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Be Prepared for End of Summer Fun

School has started and the last minute summer vacation activities are going to be crunched in our schedules.

Rather than let unforeseen get the best of you, make it a personal challenge for yourself to do your best and not allow circumstances derail your commitment and weight loss success.  Sometimes when we’re in a different food setting such as party, our food inhibitions and commitment can fall to the wayside.  We might  make choices that we would normally not make and later regret.  Keep your wits about you and stick to your plan.

If you will be going to a summer bbq, eat a healthy snack before you go.  Better yet, snack on the vegetable platter that you bring to the party.  Eat a leaner type of dense protein such as a chicken breast without the skin rather than a fattier piece of beef or hamburger.  Make the best choice you can with the options available.

If you are going to the beach, lake or a pool party, bring a stash of healthy snacks such as beef jerky, protein bar or other options in case you are out longer than you planned.  I wasn’t a Girl (or Boy-LOL!) Scout but as a weight loss surgery post-op I am always prepared.  I have a package of beef jerky, a turkey steak jerky, or another healthy food option.  It has become a habit and one that has saved me from a nose dive into potato salad more times than I can tell you.

Think ahead and try to anticipate any unforeseen food challenges.  True weight loss success occurs when we make healthy choices consistently and not only when it is convenient.  The times that determine success are when you make healthy choices when it is NOT convenient.  The temporary moment of indulging is small compared to the great feeling of control and not gaining weight that lasts a lot longer.  Be prepared – you’ll be very glad that you are!  Weight loss success is achieved during the food situations you control and can’t control but make healthy choices anyway.

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach

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