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Protein-Packed Power

Protein plays a big part in our healthy eating habits.  Have you been to the store lately?  They no more took the Valentine’s Day candy off the shelves and put up the Easter candy.  With the spring fling of sugary treats we’re encouraged to commemorate the holiday with, give yourself the treat of a healthy body.

Make protein the first thing you eat when you’re hungry.  Whether it is a meal or a snack, protein is where it is at!  Protein gives you the long-lasting go power you’re looking for, it’ll keep you satisfied longer, and protein helps to shut off the brain’s hunger mechanism while building lean muscle.  Wow!  All that by eating protein?!

Be prepared with your favorite protein-packed meals and snacks:

* Beef or steak jerky.
* Bean deli slices like turkey.
* Lean chicken breast.
* Non-fat or low fat cottage cheese.

Another great snack I enjoy are Chocolate Crunchies from Smartforme.  I enjoy them as a regular snack lus have some with me for “those times” when I’m wanting something to eat.  They are made with soy and a treat that I enjoy.  They have a few carbs but I plan for them throughout my day.  They are chocolatey, crunchy, and have protein.  I took them to the moview with my family and my kids preferred them over the concession junk.  You can order them through

You can be creative with your healthy choices.  You and your leaner body will be glad that you did!

Believe In Yourself,

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