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Got Purpose?

Recently I drove by a billboard and it read: Got Purpose?

The “Got Milk?” sales campaign has been very effective at getting people to drink milk.  Open a magazine and there is a high probability you’ll see a “Got Milk?” entire page advertisement.  It would be great if the “Got Purpose” slogan catches on as well.

I believe that having a purpose helps us to live healthy and meaningful lives.  In my coach training class, we covered life purpose and I loved it.  Knowing your life purpose is similar to having a compass for your life.  It is the place from inside you that allows you to know what you are meant to do.  If you’ve ever asked “Why am I here?” or other similar questions about your purpose and life.  The answer is to discover what your purpose is.

We can not just be about FOOD and wanting to lose weight, yet that is exactly what consumes us so much of the time.  How many of your thoughts surround food – either losing weight or food-related?   If you spend some time identifying what it is that is your purpose here in this life, and then work diligently towards that end, your weight issues will then take a back seat.

Hmmm, why?   According to working with clients and talking with people I have found that people respond that they have been “dieting” for an average of 20 years!  That means there is a lot of TIME and important ENERGY being expended on DIETING rather than on living!….and that is NOT a good purpose to be focused on. If you live from your life’s purpose, you are more fulfilled.  You give yourself the sense of satiety that you turn to food to fill in your life.

What is your life purpose?  If you’d like to start figuring out your life’s purpose, make a bullet list of things you like to do.  Alternatively, make a list of words that are meaningful to you.  Review your list and bring out the common themes of the items or words.  If you need assistance (as I did), work with a certified life coach to assist you with the process.  Once you know your life purpose, many of the questions in your life are answered.

Just as with a compass, you’ll never be lost.  With your life purpose, you’ll know where you’re going or need to go and be able to have a resource to turn to for decisions you need to make.

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator, Bariatric University-Bariatric Coach/Instructor

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