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Real Rules To The Weight Loss Lane

Food rules can be so limiting and restrictive.  No wonder diet programs only work temporarily.  You can create your own diet program through working with a weight loss coach.  Here’s some food rules to ignore:

Eat at the same time every day:

Huh??!!  Listen to your body and its hunger cues.  Eat when you’re hungry and not when the clock says it is time to eat.  It can help to keep some consistency to your meals, but don’t eat when you’re not hungry.  Don’t override your body’s hunger cues to favor the clock.  Forcing yourself to eat when you’re not hungry or forcing yourself to wait until you are makes it harder to stick to your diet.  If your schedule requires that you eat at a specific time, such as lunch hour at work, plan your other meals accordingly so you are able to eat only when your stomach says it is time.

If you eat something off your diet, you’ve blown it so wait until the next day to get back on track:

Your diet isn’t made up of blowing it or not blowing it.  What you need to blow out is the black/white thinking of being on/off your diet.  This is completely fiction and not fact.  Every meal matters.  If you ate some cookies, get right back on track with your next meal.  A day of being on your diet plan isn’t determined by full days of healthy eating.  The choice to get back on track is available at any time of the day.

To maximize your weight loss, skip a meal:

Not only does this not work to promote weight loss, it actually compromises it.  You’re more likely to overeat when you skip a meal.  You’ll be more hungry throughout the day so your chances of overeating are greater.  Skipping meals also slows your metabolism so you’ll burn fewer calories throughout the day.  To keep your body’s furnace burning consistently and weight loss steady, keep your metabolism high.

Clean your plate club:

It is better to have food go to waste than to your waist.  Zero in on your body….are you satisfied?  Let your body tell you when you’ve had enough rather than your plate.

Maximize your weight loss success by following your own set of rules as to what works best for your body and you!

Believe In Yourself,

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