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Reasons to Get Back On Track

A big part of a healthy lifestyle is to either stay on track or get back on track.  There are some days that I breeze through and you couldn’t force feed me a Krispy Kreme donut, and other days I would drive for hours for just a bite.  It is strange to me sometimes but I’ve learned to accept it.  I enjoy the days when my commitment to my healthy habits is rock solid.  For those days that my commitment is attacked by life’s tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes, I’ve developed strategies to help me stand on a solid foundation and honor my commitment to myself.

I can already tell that today may be a difficult day.  I don’t know why exactly.  I’ve checked in with myself periodically already this morning….no particular upsetting situation, uncomfortable emotions – just one of those days.  To protect myself from any emotional eating triggers, I wrote a list of reasons for me to stay on track.  As I wrote it, I already felt better and my commitment to myself came out shining strong just like the sun on a summer day in August.

Here’s my list.  I’m going to add to it periodically as I think of additional reasons.  Make a list for yourself too.  For me, I am going to refer to this list often, especially on days like today.  I already have it hanging on the refrigerator!  If I’m in that temporary state of wanting to emotionally eat, this list will be anything from a gentle, loving reminder to myself OR a slap in the face of reality!



Have the feeling of inner strength.

Feel confident and strong inside.

Not be disgusted when I see myself in the mirror or in clothes.

Not feel self conscious when I am out (before surgery, the guy yelling out the window (You’re fat) and others turning and looking at me.

Clarity in my mind and thinking.

Be proud of my accomplishments and myself.

Fitting in my clothes that I  enjoy wearing, feel self-confident.

Be able to go into my closet and ask myself “What do I want to wear?” rather than “What can I squeeze into?”

Be happier.

Feel better inside my body.

Enjoy moving inside my body.

Feel in control of my eating thus myself!

Starting tomorrow is doing it today!

Don’t have to pull and stretch clothes to fit and give room.

No double digit size!

Like what I see when I look in the mirror rather than feeling critical.

Wear shirts tucked in.

Not return to overweight/sugar jail to limit my life.

Feel capable and able to meet any physical, mental and emotional challenges without numbing/calming with emotional eating.

Be fully present in my life, with my family and friends.

Enjoy my life and be in charge rather than give my power to what I eat.

Not be afraid.

Eager to try new things.

Put myself “out there” rather than isolate.

Play on the “court” rather than sitting in the stands watching my life go by.

Enjoy the long-lasting feeling of being in charge of my choices and life rather than a temporary food fix.

Continue my own personal growth and insights to live my best life.

To be continued……


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