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Need Reasons to Walk?

I love to walk.  Even when I weighed 147 pounds more, walking was my exercise of choice.  It still is.  I prefer to walk outdoors but hot and humid weather along with ice storms and subdegree wind chills put me inside.  I have dvds of walking workouts, a treadmill of my own and a gym membership to keep me walking no matter what.

Some days though I need some reinforcements, reminders of what walking does for me.  It is a staggeringly long list.  I’ll share with you so it will keep you motivated and walking along with me!

When you’re in a tense or anger-inducing situation, taking a walk can calm your mind – because it calms your body.  Walking reduces stress in the body in several ways:

Helps to eliminate stress hormones (such as adrenaline) from your body.

It reduces tension in several large muscle groups – the glutes (buttocks), the quads (front of thighs) and hamstrings (back of thighs).

It increases the production of beta-endorphins, which are thought to calm the body and promote restful sleep.

Improved digestion.

Increased energy.

Increased mental focus.

Increased self-esteem.

Increased sense of control over your life.

Reduces chances of heart attack, and strengthens the heart.

Reduces possible osteoporosis.

Reduces chances of breast cancer.

Increased strength and stamina.

Reduction of stress.

Enhances quality of sleep.

Improves body shape.

Tones and firms muscles.

Provides more muscular definition.

Enables weight loss and maintenance.

Improves endurance.

Burns extra calories.

Improves circulation and helps reduce blood pressure.

Increases lean muscle tissue in the body.

Improves appetite for healthy foods.

Alleviates menstrual cramps.

Alters and improves muscle chemistry.

Increases metabolism.

Enhances coordination and balance.
Eases and possibly eliminates back problems and pain.

Makes the body use calories efficiently.

Lowers resting heart rate.

Improves body composition.

Increases body density.

Decreases fat tissue more easily.

Makes body more agile.

Is a great tune-up for your body.

Reduces joint discomfort.

Improves athletic performance.

Enriches sexuality.

May add a few years to life.

Increases your range of motion.

Enhances immune system.

Enables the body to utilize energy more efficiently.

Increase enzymes in the body that burn fat.

Enhances oxygen transport through the body.

Improves liver functioning.

Improves blood flow.

Helps to alleviate varicose veins.

Change your attitude toward exercising from “I have to exercise” to “I get to exercise.” With all these benefits, you have the best investment in your overall sense of well-being and health. Exercise is a gift that you give to yourself that keeps giving throughout your life.

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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