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Remember To Start Your Day Anew (A.N.E.W)

Do you have a morning ritual to start your day off to a positive start?  Each day is a clean slate so start your day anew…..

Remember, the four cornerstones to healthful living:

1.  Attitude – Your attitude can determine whether your day is full of lemons or lemonade.  Just as you put on your clothes, put on your positive mental attitude for the day.

2.  Nutrition – Begin your day with a boost of healthy nutrition and vitamin supplementation.  By adding nutritional fuel into your body, you’ll have natural, life-enhancing energy to propel you through your day.

3.  Exercise – Start your day with exercise or movement.  Your “start the day anew” activity could be aerobic exercise, yoga, or stretches to wake up your body physically and all of your senses to fully experience the day.

4.  Water – Water is the beverage of life.  Our body needs to be hydrated well throughout the day.  Start your day with the beverage that will fulfill your body’s requirements which is a refreshing glass of water.  Regular consumption of water throughout your day will enhance your metabolism, keep your apetite in check, aid digestion, allow you to perform physically and mentally at your maximum.

 Have a great day by starting every day ANEW.

All the best,

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