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Schedule An Appointment With Yourself

I’ve noticed that when you ask someone how they are doing that a common response is “busy.”  It seems that all of us have overburdened calendars and to do lists along with the day-to-day occurrences to manage too.

Millions of us use organizers, personal digital assistants, calendars, sticky notes, and date books to help us manage our busy lives.  Do you allow these organizers to rule your life or do you?  Do you allow space for yourself?  Often we micro-manage our lives and schedule our time so much that it comes at the price of our own happiness and time to ourselves and those we love.  Instead of scheduling another meeting, schedule one with yourself.  Whether it be to get in some activity or take yourself out for coffee or whatever brings you inner joy, schedule an appointment with yourself.

I had an example of this over the Thanksgiving weekend.  My husband and I were off work and the boys were out of school for four days for the Thanksgiving holiday.  It was wonderful.  No focus other than each other and enjoying being together.  It was wonderful.  Actually, I was down that it had to come to an end.  It reinforced what I already know and showed me the value of scheduling down-time for myself and to be with my family.  It was a very special time.  I am going to remember how it felt and how full I felt.  I’m going to create more of this time for myself personally and to be with my family too.

It is so easy to schedule our lives away.  To do lists can become the length of a novel.  Of course, meetings, appointments, items to do and take care of are important but equally so (or more so) are to be present and enjoy time with yourself and with your family.  When I reflect on my life, I’m not going to remember a certain meeting or appointment, or accomplishing an errand on my to do list.  My reflections will be on the time that I spent doing the things that fill me and spending time creating memories with my family.

A coffee table that needs to be dusted or an item on my to do list or other tasks can wait – the time and my priorities that are most precious to me can’t wait.

Make the most of today because it is truly the present to you.

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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