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Season of Weight Gain?

We are in the time of year where healthy eating can be more challenging.  From mid-November to December 31st, the average weight gain is 7-8 pounds.  You can welcome the New Year by maintaining your current weight.  By staying on track and following your regular routine of healthy habits, you could celebrate the New Year by even losing weight.

When faced with the food temptations of the holiday, knowledge is power!  Is the temporary moment of indulgence worth it?  How long would you have to walk to burn off the piece of pecan pie or handful of mixed nuts?  Here’s some information to help you answer those questions for yourself:

Eggnog (8 ounces) = 340 calories
Pecan pie (slice of 1/8 of pie) = 500 calories
Cheesecake (slice of 1/8 of cheesecake) = 411 calories
Mixed nuts (1/4 cup) = 402 calories
Plain M&M’s (1/2 cup) = 510 calories
Cheese and crackers (1 ounce each) = 258 calories

If you skip a day of brisk walking or aerobic exercise for 30 minutes = 150 calories (average)

During the holidays, resistance can be low and temptation can be high.  Make this holiday your season of weight loss!

Believe In Yourself,

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