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Spend Your Time Wisely

We budget and plan our finances wisely.  We give thoughtful consideration to the income we make and the expenses we spend our money.  In this economy, even more planning and preparation to maximize the allowance of our finances is important.

When I coach clients, I hear how much time it takes to prepare and plan meals and how there is no time for exercise.  When I ask them how do they spend their time, I hear a list of countless tasks and responsibilities.  I’ll ask them if they have a financial budget and an awareness of how they spend their money and then don’t apply the same importance to their time.

All of us are given the same number of hours and minutes each day.  We have 24 hours each day or 1,440 minutes in a day.  Make a list of how you spend your 1,440 minutes.  Review what activities you are doing in your day.  Do you say that you don’t value television only to show on your list that you watch mindless television?

1% of 1,440 minutes each day equals 14 minutes.  This 14 minutes could be spent in planning how you will spend your day.  To plan your day translates to taking control of how you spend your time.  If you write down your plan for the day in advance, we will have so much greater clarify about the goals in how we go through our life and ultimately our life.  Everything you spend your time on should move you forward to reach your goals.  All you need to do is create the focus.

To create your focus, set up a time budget.  Similar to your household financial budget, your time deserves the same planning and awareness from you.  When it comes to making purchases, most people have an idea in their minds of what they are willing to spend.  You probably wouldn’t enter a store and make the statement that you will purchase a pair of jeans no matter how much it costs, right?  If you check the tag and the jeans cost $500, most of us would not buy them.  When it comes to making purchases, we have a budget in our minds as to how much we are willing to pay for an item and if the cost is worth it to them.

When it comes to spending your time, do you go through the same thought process as you do with your money?  Do you spend more time on certain tasks than they are really worth?  When it comes to cleaning hour home, do you spend an hour each day, two hours, three hours or more?  Is dusting and vacuuming worth that much of your time?  What about appointments or projects you are involved with?  How much is that time worth to you?  A pet peeve of mine is waiting on a doctor for an appointment.  My time is just as valuable as theirs.  I value my time as you should value yours.

In the 24 hours we’re given each day, we spend an average of 8 of those hours for sleeping.  That means that we have an average of 16 hours left to spend.  By setting a time budget for certain activities and people, you will always make certain your time is spent on what is most important to you, your family, your future and your life.

Write down your priorities and responsibilities to accomplish each day.  What do you value….spending time with family, friends, exercising, plan healthy meals?  Allot how much time you want to invest in your work (8 hours is a full-time day), exercising, meal planning, family time, time with friends, time for yourself.  Obviously you don’t have to budget each minute but have an idea of how you currently spend your time and the optimum way you want to spend your time that reflect your priorities.

Before taking on any commitments or additional responsibilities, ask yourself how much time you have available and what you are willing to invest.  If you feel it would be a time crunch and compromise the time you spend already – just say “NO.”  Just as say no to frivolous spending of your money, apply the same to your time as well.  Certainly value your finances and even more importantly value your time.

Time isn’t an unlimited currency.  It is your life.  Spend your time and your life wisely.

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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