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Spending Your Calories – Nutrition Bang For Your Calorie Buck

If you go to a bookstore or any online bookstore and check nutrition or diet books, you will find a wide variety and never been able to read all of them, even if you wanted to!  We know that protein is meat, carbohydrates are starches, and fats are…well, fat.  That’s all you need to know, right?  No.  In the area of nutrition, knowledge is power.  To lose weight sensibly and healthfully, AND to maintain your weight loss, knowledge is most definitely power.

Healthy nutrition is about so much more than counting calories.  Calories are the currency of food and expenditure of energy by your body.  Think of your calories for the day similar as to the money in your checkbook.  Just as though you spend your financial earnings responsibly,  spend your calories for the day wisely.

The goal in healthy weight loss, maintaining your weight, and to enjoy vibrant health is to obtain the most nutrition bang for your calorie buck.  We all love to go shopping at a sale.  How much fun is it to see a beautiful outfit, look at the regular price and to see it is on sale?  What a deal!  Same thing with our food.  We see a food item that looks good, look at the nutritional breakdown and read the food label.  Take into consideration the total calories, protein grams, carbohydrate count, sugars, fats, and other nutritional information.  After your review, it is a great way to spend your calories for the good nutrition in this item.  What a deal!  Practice this habit and you’ll find a great tool in your toolbox for weight loss and maintenance.

Weight loss can be fun and maintaining your weight is even more fun.  It does not have to be drudgery but can feel like a game that you can WIN!

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