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Spring Into Spring

It is so beautiful outside today.  It is the first day in a long time that the sun is shining and it is warm (70 degrees).  I love Spring and Fall.  The two seasons that are not extremes of cold and hot, humid and horrible.  Spring is a new beginning with the trees budding, flowers blooming and nature coming into its own. 

One of the things I respect about bloggers that I’ve read and enjoyed the most is that they blog honestly.  They don’t always post the rainbows, roses and sunshine types of posts all the time.  Who has that every single day?  No one really does.  When people share the good, bad and ugly, it helps us to normalize our own life and experiences.  I share with you the real deal of what is going on.  I don’t think it is bad and ugly but it is a challenge.  I do believe that in all challenges there is an aspect of a life lesson or blessing that we get from it. 

I’m still having a challenging time in getting back on track with my food and exercise.  I am not motivated like I was before I got sick.  I have given so much thought as to why, what is going on with me and nothing really is.  I wish there was because then I could sort it out, deal with it and be stronger and better for it as I was continuing with my healthy lifestyle on track.  That is what normally happens for me but not this time.  This time, I’m going to have to live with this vague, ambiguous, uneasiness of not feeling the momentum of being solidly on track.

I am going to practice what I coach my clients to do until the momentum of being on track kicks in.  I’m going to give myself some extra TLC.  After work, I’m going to sit out on our back porch.  We have some bird feeders and I love to watch the birds on the feeders – especially the cardinals.  I’m also going to read while I’m out there.  I find when I change my physical location or environment that many times it also changes my perspective.  Hopefully this will help me feel less scattered and more centered in taking care of myself as that translates to my healthy habits and routine.

So, as I spring into Spring today and enjoy the new beginnings taking place outside, I hope the same happens for me inside too!

Happy (early) Spring!

Believe In Yourself,
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

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