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Stop-Look-Listen: Stop the Freight Train of Emotions

The times that I’m most pulled to food are varied.  When a situation occurs, emotions arise.  Are you in touch with those emotions?  What I’ve found with myself and many of my clients is we don’t give ourselves a moment of pause.  Are you like a long distance jumper and go from the situation immediately to emotional eating?  Do you jump over the emotions and directly eat?  The situation occurs, emotions arise but rather than deal with the emotions, or even identify them, we eat.  We go from the situation to eating in the matter of seconds.

How do we give ourselves that moment of pause?  First of all, become aware of how instantaneous you go from emotions to eating.  Create the habit of checking in with yourself before you emotionally eat.  Make a list of distractions and stick to it.  For example, promise yourself that rather than eat, you’ll give yourself an opportunity to do something else.  Your “something else” list of distractions could include calling a friend, writing an e-mail, changing your environment from where you are to another room or even outside, do jumping jacks, get involved in a hand crafting hobby to keep your hands busy, play a computer or video game…..anything to take your mind off the situation and emotional eating.

Try this before the fast moving train of emotional eating overtakes you….Stop-Look-Listen.  STOP and check in with yourself.  What is going on?  What are your emotions?  LOOK at what those emotions are and how you can deal with them.  LISTEN to yourself about those emotions and the situation so you can process without numbing with food.  When a train is approaching, the long arm goes down to stop the traffic while the train passes.  Think of emotional situations the same way.  When a situation has occurred and you’re feeling the emotions, put an “arm” down by giving yourself that pause while the train (emotions) pass.  Rather than emotionally eat, I would guess that you’ll be able to cross safely when the emotional freight train goes by.

Coaching can help you develop strategies to Stop-Look-Listen to yourself rather than self-medicate with food.  The next time you have a situation and you find yourself wanting to eat, try to Stop-Look-Listen.  It sounds simple but can be difficult.  Keep trying and practice, be patient with yourself.  You’re worth it!

Believe In Yourself,
Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator

1 Comment

  1. Great advice, I am working on this myself as I am an emotional eater, when I get the urge to eat I try to stop and ask myself why am I eating this, am i really hungry. This helps make me aware of my state of hunger and then if I don’t feel like I am hungry but still want to eat it I try to find something to do. If I still want to eat it later then I do, but most of the time it tends to work.

    Emotional eating is such a hard battle since our emotions are always coming and going. I have had to find help to win this war so I did find some online coaching.

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