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Take Care Of Yourself First

Do you give to yourself as much as you give to others?

Before a plane takes off, the flight attendant always tells us to place the oxygen mask over our own face before helping anyone with theirs.  Does that go against how you live your life?  Are you taking care of others more than yourself?  You can’t help save someone else’s life if you let yourself die through the process.  It isn’t about being self-centered or selfish.  It is taking care of yourself first so you can be available and at your best to help others.  The basic principle is that you are at your best if you take care of yourself first.

It isn’t as we travel by air that we need to remember to take care of ourselves first.  A friend, co-worker or family member might need your support, your guidance and understanding, but if you are an emotional or physical wreck, you won’t have as much to give.  To be there for anyone else, be there for yourself first!   As you change your focus in this way, it will probably feel uncomfortable and selfish.  Remember the flight attendant’s life-saving advice to take care of yourself first.

To be of help, first practice your own self-help.  Help yourself to be a better you.  Be your own best friend.

Believe In Yourself,

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